Safety belts from Schroth

03.03.15: Safety belts from Schroth

One of the first components we already got in the end of October was a safety seat belt by Schroth, a medium-size enterprise from Neheim in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Schroth was founded 1946. First as a producer of accessories for motorcycles, they…

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Custom-made radiators by Autokühler Birner

02.03.15: Custom-made radiators by Autokühler Birner

As previous season our radiators are manufactured and provided by Autokühler Birner. They have got several branch stores in Germany, we cooperate with the branch store in Memmendorf. For the second year in a row, Birner provides us with custom-made…

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Hyperworks suite from ALTAIR

01.03.15: Hyperworks suite from ALTAIR

With JulE, we were able to build a car which was lighter than 200kg. This war a huge achievement for the entire team. This season, the EFR08e05 is going to be build with the same ambition of reducing weight. Aspects…

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Reliable sealings from Freudenberg

25.02.15: Reliable sealings from Freudenberg

For the second year in a row the Freudenberg Group from Weinheim will be supporting us during the upcoming season. Therefore we trust in innovative and reliable products of the Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Several different sealing’s will be utilized in…

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Cool Inverters thanks to EFE Eßbach GmbH

23.02.15: Cool Inverters thanks to EFE Eßbach GmbH

Just as over the last few years we have been supported this year by Entwicklung und Fertigung Eßbach GmbH & Co. Kg, which produced our inverter’s cooling – plate for several times now. The technical knowledge provided by the company…

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3D-printing technology by TU Dresden Robotik AG

21.02.15: 3D-printing technology by TU Dresden Robotik AG

A few days ago a 3D-model of our planetary gear train was finished. The parts were kindly manufactured by TU Dresden Robotik AG. The student’s working group was founded in 2003 and participates in the annual international Eurobot competition where…

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Joint heads from Askubal

15.02.15: Joint heads from Askubal

This season, too, we have received very generous support. Askubal supplied us with spherical plain bearings and rod ends, and has already been assisting us in this way for a number of years. Founded back in 1930, the globally active…

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Support from NWK in terms of aerodynamics

10.02.15: Support from NWK in terms of aerodynamics

During the past few decades aerodynamics has been an ever growing aspect of racecars. Especially in Formula 1 you are able to observe the aerodynamic evolution merely by the cars appearance. Year by year the vehicles’ aerodynamic components are getting…

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