Preimpregnated fibres from SGL

15.12.14: Preimpregnated fibres from SGL

A small part of our Frame & Body sub team was able to visit the SGL GROUP in Meitingen at the beginning of December. The main goal was pre-impregnating our fibres. They will be used to build the 7th monocoque…

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The inverters arrived

15.12.14: The inverters arrived

We are very happy that we received our new inverters including the control unit and equipment this week. Now we have got already a big part of the drive system, which consists in our car the 4th time of Siemens…

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Wheel-speed-sensors arrived

12.12.14: Wheel-speed-sensors arrived

Just before Christmas, the sensors for measuring the rotational speed of our wheels arrived. With this particular hightech sensors we are able to further develope our vehicle dynamics control system. This will enable our car turn faster, thus improving our…

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carbon-fiber just arrived!

10.12.14: carbon-fiber just arrived!

Today we are very happy to receive a great delivery from Saertex. The different high-quality fabrics are essential for many parts of our Frame- and Bodywork, our aerodynamics and some parts of our Suspension. We are glad to have such…

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06.12.14: ADitc

From 27th to 28th 2014 the Aachen Dresden international textile conference opens its doors in Dresden. The interesting papers and discussions about technical textiles provide new impulses especially for our module Frame and Body. This year an important topic was…

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Measurement of the suspension forces

28.11.14: Measurement of the suspension forces

Last monday we had a test day with our old lady KatE, from the 2013 formula student season. We measured the suspension forces inside the wishbones. Therefore we glued strain gauges on the wishbones, pullrods and tierods and measured the…

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Guest at IAV

17.09.14: Guest at IAV

Team Elbflorace was guest at Ingenieursgesellschaft für Auto und Verkehr at its developement centre in Chemnitz this monday and tuesday. Using the latest in measurement and testing technology, it presses ahead with the automotive concepts of tomorrow. Our accumulator and…

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Experimental Aerodynamics with the help of NWK

07.08.14: Experimental Aerodynamics with the help of NWK

To increase the overall performance of a race car its aerodynamics is not negligible. That’s why on the one hand simulations and on the other hand the work in wind tunnels and field experiments are important tools in the development….

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