ZF-Teambuilding weekend

24.03.15: ZF-Teambuilding weekend

From 13 to 15 March 2015 a small group of 15 members from our team met for a common weekend in Saxon Switzerland. Longtime expert Frank Ross (ZF) taught the group under the topic of teamwork. Already at the very…

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Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology

21.03.15: Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology

Knowledge broker, contact person, a friend in need, material supplier, and much more. These are the capacities of the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology, short ILK, which are so important for us. We are supplied by the Institute…

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Uprights manufactured by Continental

20.03.15: Uprights manufactured by Continental

In addition to the Continental tyres, this season the Continental AG supported us again in manufactoring. Because wheel hub drive has got a new gearbox this year, a complete redevelopment of the uprights was necessary. For Manufacturing we were given…

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New headquarters “Innovation Shed”

19.03.15: New headquarters “Innovation Shed”

Knowledge creates opportunities – thats the new motto of our new headquarter on the Universitity of Technology Dresden campus. Over the next months an Innovation Shed will be our central meeting point near the Hörsaalzentraum. The Innovation Shed program offers…

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Dis-/Precharge – resistors from TT-Electronics

16.03.15: Dis-/Precharge – resistors from TT-Electronics

We received the power resistors (Type: WDBR) for our drive system from our sponsor TT-Electronics. The Discharge-Resistors are used to discharge the intermediate circuit in very few seconds after switch off the drive for prevention of danger caused by the…

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Laser- and waterjet-cutting: SPEZ GmbH

14.03.15: Laser- and waterjet-cutting: SPEZ GmbH

Similar to the past few years, we are proud to have the SPEZ GmbH on our side. With help from the SPEZ GmbH, it is possible to realize metal sheet parts, like our speed disc or pedal bar. Even time…

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Milled Components from VEM Sachsenwerk

13.03.15: Milled Components from VEM Sachsenwerk

As in the previous years, this season we are also supported with superbly manufactured parts by VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH. The manufactured parts include brackets for the bell crank and dampers and also two rails for the pedal-box. Because of the…

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Covers from Pöppelmann

12.03.15: Covers from Pöppelmann

Some days ago, we had the joy of receiving again the support from Pöppelmann. The company from Niedersachsen will help us again this year with covers for the underfloor of our car. In 66 years as of February 2015, Pöppelmann…

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