Circuit board production at ECD

20.05.15: Circuit board production at ECD

In a Formula Student electric race car a variety of electrical components needs to be installed, this includes a large amount of PCBs. These boards incorporate electronic control and monitoring tasks. For example, the large CSC boards for monitoring the…

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Toothings from specialist VMK GmbH

19.05.15: Toothings from specialist VMK GmbH

Verzahnung und Metallbearbeitung Kaiser GmbH (VMK) is our partner for many years in any concern regarding toothings und shafts. The company is located in Pirna and is specialized in high-quality toothings, turned and milled parts as well as welded constructions…

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Intelligent mounting systems from Kipp

18.05.15: Intelligent mounting systems from Kipp

Many things are important to be successful in the Formula Student. A fast car, no question, a good driver, definitely, a reliable car, of course. But especially if the last mentioned thing is not the case one more thing becomes…

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Kerb-Konus-Vertriebs GmbH

16.05.15: Kerb-Konus-Vertriebs GmbH

A couple of weeks ago Kerb-Konus-Vertriebs(Sales) GmbH sent us some thread inserts we need to fasten e.g. wings at our car. To achieve this the inserts are mounted at the respective part. Because of the inner thread it is possible…

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Mold construction in perfection

16.05.15: Mold construction in perfection

Also in this year Korropol GmbH supported us strongly by constructing our monocoque negative mold. The company was founded in 1958 named Elbfass Dresden / PGH Universal. Later in 1970 the company was expropriated forcibly and changed to a publicly…

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Parts from RS Components

05.05.15: Parts from RS Components

We are glad to be sponsored by RS Components the second year in a row. The german office of RS based in Mörfelden-Walldorf provided us with miscellaneous items during this season already: The developement board “AVR Dragon” is crucial for…

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Adhesives instead of screws or welding? It actually works!

01.05.15: Adhesives instead of screws or welding? It actually works!

Adhesive joining is an often underrated joining method. Many people think it can´t be as good as welding or bolting. Time to break with that old misjudgment! Especially in cases when welding or bolting is impossible, an adhesive technology is…

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BSD ESO-training and protection equipment

30.04.15: BSD ESO-training and protection equipment

Continuing this year, we were supported by the BSD with the training in live working for our new ESO´s as well as high quality protection in the form of HV-gloves and insulation mats. The training consists of two parts, a…

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