Guest at IAV

17.09.14: Guest at IAV

Team Elbflorace was guest at Ingenieursgesellschaft für Auto und Verkehr at its developement centre in Chemnitz this monday and tuesday. Using the latest in measurement and testing technology, it presses ahead with the automotive concepts of tomorrow. Our accumulator and…

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Experimental Aerodynamics with the help of NWK

07.08.14: Experimental Aerodynamics with the help of NWK

To increase the overall performance of a race car its aerodynamics is not negligible. That’s why on the one hand simulations and on the other hand the work in wind tunnels and field experiments are important tools in the development….

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FSG – Hockenheim: event diary

30.07.14: FSG – Hockenheim: event diary

Hockenheim 2014 current status of scrutineering:

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Silverstone Day 2 & 3

12.07.14: Silverstone Day 2 & 3

On Thursday we set off to our pit already at 07:30. After we thought about solutions of our technical problems over the night, we went immediately to our pit to solve them in the next morning. In the evening we…

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Silverstone Day 1

10.07.14: Silverstone Day 1

On Monday evening 6 pm we set off from Dresden to Silverstone – we took the 1200km long journey to participate in our first event of the season “Formula Student UK”. At 05:45 on Monday morning we could take the…

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Visual highlights from Heidenauer Galvanik

24.06.14: Visual highlights from Heidenauer Galvanik

Not just eye catching, but also functional. The hubs and central lock are not anodised purely for the purpose of looking good. The colours red and blue make it easy to distinguish between left and right threads, so we can…

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Rolling bearings from SKF

17.06.14: Rolling bearings from SKF

It doesn’t matter if it’s wheel mounting, motor, gears, steering, or the spring-damper system, wherever there’s something on the car that turns, a bearing is essential. So the movements are as precise and frictionless as possible, we had the opportunity…

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Racing tyres from Continental

16.06.14: Racing tyres from Continental

Without the right tyres, no sports car can reach its full potential. They are the direct link between the chassis and the road and so are one of the most important elements of any car. We entrust the choice of…

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