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Rollout EFR15ed03



On May 26, 2023, the unveiling of our new racing car will take place at the Lecture Hall Center of TU Dresden! Do you want to be part of this unforgettable evening and gain exciting insights into the world of Formula Student? Then please make use of the on-site box office. There, you can purchase an admission ticket for €7.00 (excluding buffet). We look forward to seeing you!


What we do!

This season we will build an electrically driven race car, which will drive autonomously. To be able to successfully participate in the electric and driverless disciplines again this year. For this we rely on the equality of technology and the team and want to keep the work packages of our members small and compact through a joint project to increase the quality of our vehicle.


Who we are!

We are a campus group of the TU Dresden and we participate in the engineering competition “Formula Student”. Therefor we build our racing cars with a lot of love, sweat and ambition, since 2006.