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giving of thanks – Rollout 2014

For the great support we would like to thank all the regional companies, without whose support it would not have been possible to perform such a gorgeous rollout. Ranging from the equipment, a comprehensive donation from Poco-Domäne Nickern, beautiful floral decorations and bouquets from Blumenbändiger-Pirna for the presenters and a discount on the bar-tables and other furniture from Mietmagazin, over the transportation whereas FSD helps us with a bunch of cars again, to all of the supporters for food. Our guest enjoyed the extensive beverage offerings from Elbtal-Getränke-GmbH, different types of Red-Bull refreshes the tired, Corredo made neccessary glasses available, nourishing salads coming from Friweika, Suppenmuppe.de brings in various soups together with the associated bain-marie’s from Ceus-Coswig. Reprogress managed everything astonishingly regarding printing-services, like banners, bills, invitations and the program.

We would also like to thank numerous guests for their interest in our work and all new team members for their support.

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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.