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Braket manufacturing by Drechsler&Liebich Werkzeugbau

Braket manufacturing by Drechsler&Liebich Werkzeugbau

For a perfect suspension set-up we also must set the camber.
So that we can be as precise as possible we are using one camber bracket per wheel and thin metal sheets to change the camber angle of the wheel.

The job of manufacturing these camber brackets was entrusted to the company Drechsler + Liebich Wekzeugbau. Here the four brackets were milled on a five-axis mill.

Furthermore the company, from Heidenau (close to Dresden), produced the bracket with which the two rear air-spring-dampers and the rear axle anti-roll bar will be mounted. At the same time they were able to help us out at short notice with the manufacture of the anti-roll bar swords from high strength spring steel.

The company Drechsler + Liebich Werkzeugbau has over 30 years’ experience in mould manufacturing. So, more than anything, tools and moulds for die casting and injection moulding are made here.

At this point we would like once more to thank Lutz Drechsler. We are already very pleased with them and above all their reliable support and hope for a successful partnership in the coming years.

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