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High precision bushings from Hubert Bushings

For a low-friction bearing for our dampers we are using high precision bushings from Huber Bushings. On the current vehicle we are using an air-spring-damper system from the mountain bike field. For many years standard DU or DP4 slide bearings on a steel or aluminium shaft without lubrication for mountain bike dampers have been used. This type of bearing doesn’t meet the current level of technology and brings more drawbacks with it. The thin and smooth seam of the slide bearings wears away very quickly. The consequences are bearing play and increased stress on the dampers. The bushings from Huber Bushings have dimensionally accurate installation sleeves made of high strength aluminium with a hard anodised surface. This ceramic surface is almost wear-free and has considerably better friction properties. These properties significantly improve the response characteristic of the dampers. In addition the chosen slide bearing bushings are made of a special material, which has a good lifetime, constantly lower friction and better vibration damping/-isolation. For the sponsored bushings we would like to give a sincere thank you to Stefan Huber.

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