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Visual highlights from Heidenauer Galvanik

Not just eye catching, but also functional. The hubs and central lock are not anodised purely for the purpose of looking good. The colours red and blue make it easy to distinguish between left and right threads, so we can avoid mistakes in the assembly. The anodising layer is also essential protection against corrosion and impacts, as the surface treatment increases the hardness of the outer layer.

As with last year, we were supported this season with the anodisation of our parts by the company Heidenauer Galvanik. The specialist company (since 1979) has extensive experience in the galvanic finishing of metals. Heidenauer Galvanik has ecofriendly manufacturing techniques, modern computer controlled systems, as well as a Roentgen fluorescence spectrometer for sheet thickness measurements. With the help of this technology, the exceptional surface treatment of our components is possible.

We thank Heidenauer Galvanik for the perfect anodisation of our components and hope for further cooperation between us.

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