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Rolling bearings from SKF

It doesn’t matter if it’s wheel mounting, motor, gears, steering, or the spring-damper system, wherever there’s something on the car that turns, a bearing is essential.
So the movements are as precise and frictionless as possible, we had the opportunity again this season to choose our bearings from SKF’s wide range of products.
This season, for the first time, our hubs are mounted with fixed section angular contact ball bearings. These allow us to have a thin cross-section with a large inner diameter and help with a huge weight reduction in comparison to the alternative angular ball bearings. Bearings from the Swedish supplier are also in use in the drive train, where for example the motor shafts rotate on hybrid grooved ball bearings with rolling bodies made of silicon nitride so that the centrifugal force in the bearings is kept to a minimum at high speeds. Apart from that, the small but also high value needle bearings integrated in the planetary gears through the upright are vital, and also from SKF. We also decided to use rolling bearings from SKF for the mounting of the steering axle and the spring-damper system.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the employees of Svenska Kullagerfabriken (SKF) not only for the supply of these rolling bearings, but also for their support in answering our technical questions, and we hope for a further successful partnership in the future.

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