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Experimental Aerodynamics with the help of NWK

To increase the overall performance of a race car its aerodynamics is not negligible. That’s why on the one hand simulations and on the other hand the work in wind tunnels and field experiments are important tools in the development. They help validating results or studying detailed areas of the whole car e.g. to understand the flow around certain areas and carry out improvements.

In this regard we are very pleased to welcome the work group “Experimental Aerodynamics” together with the Low Speed Wind Tunnel at the University of Technology Dresden under the direction of Dr. Eng. Hildebrand as a new sponsor of our team. The wind tunnel was built in the GDR for research activities by the aviation industry. After various projects had stopped a reorientation to building and vehicle aerodynamics began. The revival of the original research was achieved with the establishment of the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Today, they focus on studies of applied fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer. Together with an own workshop, the work group offers its customers a complete range from consulting to modelling and even experimental studies with special measurement techniques.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Eng. Hildebrand for providing test time in the large wind tunnel and measurement equipments and all assistants for supporting us during the preparation, testing, evaluation and mentoring the work on the research paper. We would be pleased to continue the cooperation.

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