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Guest at IAV

Team Elbflorace was guest at Ingenieursgesellschaft für Auto und Verkehr at its developement centre in Chemnitz this monday and tuesday. Using the latest in measurement and testing technology, it presses ahead with the automotive concepts of tomorrow. Our accumulator and its respective cell stacks were thoroughly tested on its test bench. With the test results we get a good picture of the heat dissipation of the cells and cell connections under load. The insights we gained are great assets which help us validating our calculations and simulations and developing further the part most relevant to security on a Formula Student Electric car.

IAV is supporting the automotive industry since more than 30 years in the developement of electronics, propulsion systems and car concepts. 5700 employees in many developement centres and offices in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe, in Asia and South and North America are working to this end. Its clients are research and developement companies and universities like Technische Universität Dresden. Last but not least IAV is one of the main sponsors of the outstanding Formula Student Germany event at Hockenheimring.

We are looking forward to the forthcoming season knowing that IAV is supporting us and want to thank for the support already given to us. Furthermore, we want to thank IAV Entwicklungszentrum Chemnitz employees Lutz Kantarski and Matthias Thom for their help with words and deeds and the excellent coffee. We are looking forward to our continuing collaboration.

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