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Smooth working thanks to Münch Chemie

Cleaner, coatings, release agents. Also in this season the company Münch Chemie from Weinheim in Baden-Württemberg supports us with these three helpful tools. Without them the production of fiber composite parts for our racecar would not be possible because separating the parts from their molds would be impossible. Thanks to Münch Chemie we do not have to worry about that. Because after the cleaner has deeply cleaned the pores on the surfaces of the molds the pores are sealed with the coating. The release agent produces a release layer on these smooth surface which prevents the mold to bind with the part so that the unmolding after the laminating is possible. Münch Chemie was founded in 1948 by Dr. Adolf Münch and has specialized especially on the production of release agents. The products are used for processing of elastomers, polyurethanes and composites, furthermore the processing of metals in pressure casting processes, plastics and resin-bonded fleeces. Additional to the large number of basic products it is possible to develop a tailored product with the customer for his individual requirements to leave nothing to be desired.

We want to thank Münch Chemie for supporting our team all the years and we looking forward for again great cooperation in the coming season.

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