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Airtech – Vacuum accessories

When manufacturing a formula student racecar it is very important to build components with a high lightweight-grade. Therefor the material carbon fibre in combination with an epoxy resin as matrix-material is particularly suited for. With that material it is perfectly possible to manufacture parts that meet the requirements of load and application. Certainly the manufacturing process is very elaborate and the needed consumables for the vacuum-layout have to reach pretty high requirements. Out of this reason we are very happy about the annual support of the Luxembourgian company AIRTECH Europe Sarl.

AIRTECH was founded in 1991 out of the Californian company Airtech Advanced Materials Group and is the market leader for every material that are used for an excellent vacuum-layout.
The great assortment of the company provides different materials for every different use case you can expect. Furthermore the experts from AIRTECH will help you with answers to every question you may have about their products.

We like to thank the company AIRTECH for the support. We are looking forward to have a great cooperation with that company.

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