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3D-printing technology by TU Dresden Robotik AG

A few days ago a 3D-model of our planetary gear train was finished. The parts were kindly manufactured by TU Dresden Robotik AG.
The student’s working group was founded in 2003 and participates in the annual international Eurobot competition where 300 team from all over the world compete against each other with robots developed and build by themselves. In this competition the robots have to perform different tasks, such as separate waste or playing golf. The TURAG’s biggest successes were the vice world champions title in 2007, as well as German champions title in 2008 and 2011.
Our colleagues support us with 3D-printed parts made of polylactide. Thus, the prototyping of individual parts with different geometries is fast and easy. Therefore they could provide us with a model of our gear, which shows the functionality in an easy way, as well as parts like adapters and bushing which will be used in this year’s racecar.
We would like to thank our fellows of TU Dresden Robotik AG for the straightforward and good cooperation and wish them much success at the Eurobot 2015.

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