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Support from NWK in terms of aerodynamics

During the past few decades aerodynamics has been an ever growing aspect of racecars. Especially in Formula 1 you are able to observe the aerodynamic evolution merely by the cars appearance. Year by year the vehicles’ aerodynamic components are getting more refined while the rule book has been revised due to the enormous impact of aerodynamic effects on the cars performance. Persistently engineers are exploring and redefining the limits of physics in order to enhance their vehicle performance and let lap times dwindle.

In order to exploit the aerodynamic effects on our car as well, we are again developing an aerodynamic package including front and rear wing for the second time this year. Therefor we receive broad support from NWK, a research facility running a low-speed wind tunnel maintained by the Technical University of Dresden. On behalf of the Institute of aerospace engineering they are examining aerodynamic characteristics of technical applications taken from a broad variety of operational areas. In addition to architecture, environmental issues and sports equipment they are also researching automotive aerodynamics, which made the NWK the ideal partner to consult in order to get an expert opinion on concept related issues we might have come across during the design phase. At this point we would like to thank the engineers working at NWK for their time and their attention they gave us so far.

Generously their support does not end there but extends further into the manufacturing phase. More specifically they are helping us machining the molds of our wings as well as the foam core structures at the on site workshop. The manufacturing support covers the provision of CNC milling machine but secondly and even more importantly they opportunity to get hands on experience with the machines’ software, which will greatly help us to understand the process even more.
Thus, we would like to thank the NWK for the interest in our project and the collaboration this year, as well as for past seasons. Particularly, we would like to name Dr. Veit Hildebrand, Thomas Eipper and Sebastian Schubert at this point!

We are looking forward to upcoming collaborations!

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