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Springs from Febrotec GmbH

Even this season the Febrotec GmbH supports our team with technical springs at the realization of our ambitious targets. We are very happy that we can use such high-quality springs for the gas pedal returning and our transmissions. The Febrotec GmbH is a distribution company for technical products with an own stock and conducts an engineering office for the design and supply of technical springs. Compared to last season we do not use extension springs but torsion springs for the gas pedal. By using disc springs in our transmission we generate the needed preload for the bearings. Because of the big stock with more than 35 million springs, even this is no problem for Febrotec.
Beside compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, gas struts, disc springs, constant force springs and garter springs in the range also are safety items and even the manufacturing of special parts is possible.
We can vary the stiffness of the gas pedal and thus provide a good feeling in the driver´s foot, because we have got several springs available.
We would like to thank the Febrotec GmbH for the uncomplicated support of our team and hope the cooperation will continue also in the future.

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