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Milled Components from VEM Sachsenwerk

As in the previous years, this season we are also supported with superbly manufactured parts by VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH. The manufactured parts include brackets for the bell crank and dampers and also two rails for the pedal-box. Because of the very precise laboratory we can rely on the fits to match perfectly, so that we have optimal conditions for building the car the way it is designed in CAD.
The VEM Group is a worldwide operating company founded in 1886. At that time it was a typical electric motor manufacturer. Nowadays the company is a system and full-service provider. VEM generates complete and for the requirements needed solutions for drive systems. Therefore the VEM Group provides many different kinds of products for low voltage range as well as middle and high voltage range. Additionally there are provided services like, for example, mechanical analyses and also commissioning and maintenance of industrial plants.
Our components were manufactured by the learning workshop of VEM Sachsenwerk in Dresden. We would like to thank all of those who have collaborated on this, especially Mr. Riemer.

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