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Hyperworks suite from ALTAIR

With JulE, we were able to build a car which was lighter than 200kg. This war a huge achievement for the entire team.
This season, the EFR08e05 is going to be build with the same ambition of reducing weight. Aspects like reliability and safety of each part of the car are fundamental, which makes it quite difficult to save every single gram. Thats why we need precise calculations and simulations.
The Hyperworks Suite from ALTAIR enables us to do all the required calculations. So we are using the Software to analyze and optimize the monocoque to use each carbon fibre ply in the most efficient way.
Due to the enormous variety of the suit, we can get fast and authentic results during the development of the entire aeropackage.

ISPIRE allows our suspension subteam to get the best design of a component during the conception phase. Viewing the load path this quickly brings us to an new level of engineering.

We are absolutely happy about the cooperation with ALTAIR and hope to build even lighter cars with Hyperworks in the future. At this point we want to thank our contact person Jan Grasmannsdorf for the enjoyable cooperativeness.

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