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Especially appropriate hose fittings by Em-Technik

This year again the fittings, couplers and the hose for the cooling system are provided by Em-Technik from Maxdorf. The cooperation persists for several years. Em-Technik manufactures fittings, removable couplers, flow meters and many more. All products are compatible with each other and are employed e.g. at medical technology. Besides, Em-Technik is continuously trying to enlarge its range.
This accommodates us much this year, because Em-Technik was able to offer us a much more fexible hose than in the past. Em-Technik matched the fittings and couplers to the new hose especially for us, what meant a big extra effort for the company.
The team of Elbflorace wants to thank Em-Technik, especially Mr. Stegemann, for all provided parts and the operated effort.

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