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Support from Oxeon A.B.

Regardless of whether you are designing a watercraft, an aircraft or a land vehicle, you are always trying to reduce the vehicles weight while still maintaining as much rigidity as possible. The more weight you keep away from the vehicle the more the vehicles’ dynamics will benefit and the energy demand decline. Especially since mineral oil is a resource with a limited deposit on earth and oil prices are constantly rising, light-weight design plays an important role in the vehicle development. Following this philosophy your vehicles’ efficiency increases and dynamics will improve significantly. First and foremost the vehicles’ performance is one of the main reasons why the light-weight design idea is being applied in motorsports, more than in any other car industry. The goal for race cars is to reduce the weight and the inertia, in order to enhance the vehicles’ acceleration, which is why light-weight materials such as CFRP is often used in this process. One of the biggest advantages of CFRP is obviously the great physical resilience at little numbers of weight.

In Formula 1 for example nearly all body parts are being fabricated using CFRP. One of the most important manufacturers in this industry is the Swedish company Oxeon AB. Founded in 2003, the companies influence in the market quickly grew and extended to become one of the industry leaders. Today TeXtreme® fabrics are used in the vehicle and sports equipment industry, providing a significant amount load-bearing capacity, little weight and exceptional surface quality, which makes it ideal for body parts and aerodynamics components such as our wings.

We are happy to receive great support from Oxeon this season. By getting 30sqm of 100gsm TeXtreme® Fabrics we are able to build one of the lightest aero-packages in the entire competition. Therefore we would like to thank Oxeon AB and hope that our partnership will extend further into the future.

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