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Bus simulation by Vector

In the development of ECUs a bus simulation is essentially important. It ensures that the controller has a working environment, without testing would almost not be possible. In order to generate a realistic bus simulation as fast as possible by taking appropriate boundary conditions into account, Vector has two CAN bus interfaces VN1610 available. To complete the package, we have also obtained the right software CANoe and can quickly create your own bus simulation and test our control devices of functionality.

In the field of embedded systems it is worldwide accepted to rely on solutions and products, from the April 1988 founded Vector Software GmbH and since 1992 Vector computer science GmbH, by customers in automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace, transportation and control technologies. In addition to Elbflorace, Vector supports even more Formula Student teams, making an important contribution to the practicality of the engineers of tomorrow.

For this support, we thank the Vector computer science GmbH very much and we are also look forward to future cooperation.

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