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Deceptively real – SENSO-Wheel of SENSODRIVE

A fundamental component of every vehicle is the vehicle steering system, which allows the driver to initiate a change of direction in the vehicle. As part of the development of a vehicle simulator for the association, SENSODRIVE provides us one of their force-feedback systems. The so-called SENSO-Wheel enables a realistic simulation of the resulting steering forces and gives an optimal feeling for the simulated road. In particular, the sensitive force feedback for highly dynamic applications of the drive is a great strength of the system.

As a spin-off from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), SENSODRIVE specializes in implementing the latest developments in drive technology, in their own or customer-specific products. Most modern methods of concurrent engineering and mechatronics are used to.

The Elbflorace team would like to thank SENSODRIVE, especially our contact Mr Sporer, for their support and we are looking forward to further cooperation.


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