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Intelligent mounting systems from Kipp

Many things are important to be successful in the Formula Student. A fast car, no question, a good driver, definitely, a reliable car, of course. But especially if the last mentioned thing is not the case one more thing becomes very important – the maintainability. Because especially in the Formula Student where prototypes are driven there are often problems with the cars which have to be solved as quickly as possible.

Therefore in this season we are supported by the HEINRICH KIPP WERK KG with their intelligent mounting systems. To get our rear wing fast on and off the car to get easier to important assemblies located in the back of the car we use the self-locking ball lock pins from Kipp instead of screws. By pushing the red button two balls can be lowered into the pin and the pin can be slipped into holes in the work pieces. Releasing the button causes the balls to come out of the pin again to secure the connection. Because of this system we can dismount the rear wing in just a few simple steps and without tools. That saves a lot of time which we can spend on the test track instead.

And that is not all. The company founded in 1919 and located in Sulz am Neckar is known as producer of many different solutions for operating parts/standard elements, work holding systems and special solutions precisely on the basis of customer specifications. For example clamping levers, grips, hinges, latches, joints, magnets, buffer elements and many more. For almost every problem one of the Kipp products is the solution.

At this point we would like to say a big “thank you” to the HEINRICH KIPP WERK KG for the supporting. Anyway, we are enthusiastic and think that a view on the products from Kipp is always a good idea.

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