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Adhesives instead of screws or welding? It actually works!

Adhesive joining is an often underrated joining method. Many people think it can´t be as good as welding or bolting. Time to break with that old misjudgment!
Especially in cases when welding or bolting is impossible, an adhesive technology is the best solution. Just imagine the joining of different materials like CFRP and Alloy: there is no way of welding CFRP, but with an adhesive you will get a strong and long-lasting connectivity.

In the manufacturing process of our car we have to join different components and each connection has to meet different standards. Therefor Loctite provides us with a wide range of different types of adhesives so that we are perfectly prepared for any of these cases. Apart from that the Henkel Group, which includes Loctite since 1997, hosts workshops for Formula Student Members where they can learn a lot about adhesive bonding technologies. Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives and one of the main sponsors of Formula Student Germany.

We are thankful for the generous support we get from Henkel and Loctite and are looking forward to hopefully many more years of a great partnership. Thank you!

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