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Circuit board production at ECD

In a Formula Student electric race car a variety of electrical components needs to be installed, this includes a large amount of PCBs. These boards incorporate electronic control and monitoring tasks. For example, the large CSC boards for monitoring the cell voltage and temperature of each individual cell in the battery up to tiny PCBs on which the measurement circuit is accommodated for the wheel speed sensors.

The highly specific circuits on our boards can not be bought off the shelf. Therefore, circuits were built virtually in an extensive design phase. To get these visions into reality, we were instrumental dependent on the support of the ECD. ECD has provided us with the necessary equipment for the placement of components with partly tiny dimensions less than one millimeter.

The ECD Electronic Components GmbH is a medium-sized Dresden based company with focus on development and assembly of printed circuit boards as well as cable assemblies, LED solutions and GPS tracking devices and for many years a reliable partner of Elbflorace. The team would like to thank Mr Frenzel and his colleagues at ECD for the renewed confidence and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

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