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Toothings from specialist VMK GmbH

Verzahnung und Metallbearbeitung Kaiser GmbH (VMK) is our partner for many years in any concern regarding toothings und shafts. The company is located in Pirna and is specialized in high-quality toothings, turned and milled parts as well as welded constructions which are featured by a high dimension of precision and reliability. Besides conventional spur gears the product range of the VMK GmbH covers a lot more, such as worm gears, internal toothings and bevel gears.

Since we changed our power train from a chain drive to a spur gear-based gearbox in 2012 we are supported year by year with reliable products by the VMK GmbH. So we get again a lot of support for the design and manufacturing process during the current season. This includes the manufacturing of several gears with external and internal toothings, shafts and shaft-hub joints. The parts will as well be hardened and grinded in the end to provide a long life time for the gears. In the name of the whole Team of Elbflorace we like to thank the VMK GmbH for the trustworthy cooperation for so many years.

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