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Colorful accents by Heidenauer Galvanik

Not just for good looking is what the company Heidenauer Galvanik allows us by their support. By anodizing some components of our car improve in certain properties.
Firstly, the anodizing protects the surfaces of the components from external influences, whereby the positive connection between the wheel and the anulus gear of the second gear stage wears less. Furthermore, assembly errors can be avoided by the different coloring. So it is with our wheel hubs and related central nuts. Each color indicates whether the thread is left-handed or right-handed.
The company Heidenauer Galvanik is more than 35 years a “Meister”-company. The constant orientation to the state of the art and the many years of experience belong to their success strategy. They feature ecologically harmless production technologies, advanced process computer-aided systems, X-ray spectrometers for coating thickness measurement as well as qualified and motivated employees.
We would like to thank the Heidenauer Galvanik for professional surface treatment of our parts and look forward to continued good cooperation.

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