Stahlbus is sponsoring us for the first time ever since and is providing us with bleeder valves. These bleeder valves will be used in the brake system and directly connected to the brake calipers as representative of normal bleed screws. The crucial advantage of the Stahlbus technology is obvious while bleeding the brake system to make sure, that all compressible air bubbles will be removed from the hydraulic brake circuit to ensure a perfect function of the entire system. This procedure usually occupies at least two people, whereas with our new valves only one person can do the job easily. Through the bleeding tool, the acting team member will save a lot of time as well.

We already received the products in the beginning of January 2016, just one month after our contact person Thomas Wittrock (CEO of Stahlbus) confirmed the cooperation between Stahlbus and Elbflorace.

Many thanks to our new sponsor Stahlbus and we hope to keep that cooperation for a long time.