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3D-print with German RepRap

The challenges while placing sensors in a race car are very high. The sensor have to be mounted at a specific place, in a specific alignment in a way, that no forces in any direction can move it a millimetre. And all that without weakening other important components with screw holes.
The mounting parts required here are so complex, that we could not make them without a competent partner in 3D-printing. German RepRap manages to make the computer-designed parts actually fit exactly at the real car.
The many other places where we use 3D-print show the flexibility of the procedure: From housings for our circuit borads to intstruments for our dashboard: 3D-print not only brings more possibilities in design, the parts of German RepRap also look good.

The German RepRap GmbH is a German manufacturer of industrial 3D printers and sells 3D printing solutions based on the RepRap technology (Fused Filament Fabrication) as well as 3D scanners, filament, software and accessories. The product line increases steadily and consists of 3D printers for professional users in product development, prototyping, mold and model making, architecture and design, 3D printer DIY kits for prosumers and ready-assembled 3D printers for private users. The customers are leading industry companies, designers, architects, artists, model makers, universities and schools, handicraft enthusiasts and other private users and enterprises.

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