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Springs from a specialist for suspension

Like in many seasons before the sportive suspension part supplier H&R provides us springs for our suspension. The company from Lennestadt in the Sauerland stands out due to its will of innovation and its proximity to motor sports and has more than 100 employers. Their products are appreciated and in demand worldwide. H&R is also positioned in the branches of industrial springs and medicine technics.
H&R has been supporting Elbflorace for many years with suspension springs formed out of high quality spring steel wire. And although their main buissness is the person cars branche the company offer a wide and satisfying range of slamer springs for the nowadays very low dimensioned formula student dampers, too. To give Elbflorace a maximum of help H&R even sponsors us multiple spring sets to allow us to find our optimal setup by testing which one fits best to our this seasons car. For this and for the mentoring at the choosing of products our team wants to thank H&R for their contribution to a again improved car by saying this.

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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.