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DREMICUT SMD stencils for reliable electronics

The electronics of a racecar has to meet highest standards. Consequently high-quality PCBs and SMD components play a major role but without precisely connecting these elements the entire system’s safety is threatened. By means of high precision stencils solder paste coating from DREMICUT GmbH we are able to manufacture fail-safe PCBs. The laser-cutted stencils ensure an accurate and clean application of the paste even on areas smaller than half a square millimeter.
The DREMICUT GmbH is part of the KMLT®, a group of companies which carry out expert and professional laser processing. The range of services includes laser micro processing, laser fine cutting, laser deep engraving and much more. Some Elbflorace members were able to experience the manufacturing on a visit to the factory in Neukrich/Lusatia.
We would like to sincerely thank DREMICUT and Mr. Kalman Kirchner for supporting our team and we are looking forward to successful cooperation in the future. All information about KMLT® is available on www.KMLT.de.

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