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To make sure our new racecar ‘SophE’ becomes reliable- we need to test it. Up to now the transportation of SophE to the racetrack was the greatest issue for us. Lifting the car into the transport vehicle and to fasten it was very laborious. However, there was not enough space for our required testing equipment and the crew.
The practical solution was it to place the car on a frame. First of all, we gained space for the testing equipment and crew, secondly it became much more comfortable to lift SophE into the transport vehicle and last but not least the process of fastening the car and being able to carry it save to the racetrack brought the greatest benefit to us.

The company SVG Straßenverkehrs-Genossenschaft Sachsen und Thüringen eG is a service provider in the transport and logistics business. They support us by lashing straps, transport eyes for the
lashing straps and antiskid mats. Thank you very much for the support!

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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.