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Connection caused by technology

Since two years the Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden supports the Elbflorace team by connecting the wings to our Monocoque and by manufacturing all of the lamination molds for our wing profiles.
The Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing technologies and applied researches is a specialist for composite and gradient materials, functional materials and highly porous metallic materials. The IFAM Dresden is an ideal contact in the areas of vehicle construction, electronics, mechanical engineering, astronautics, energy technic and also the medicine technics.
It’s a hard task to connect the front and rear wing in an aerodynamic and also in a good stress performance way. With the Fraunhofer IFAM we found an ideal partner. Caused by their technology of sintering metal to CFRP it was possible for us to solve these two problems in an easy way. A further advantage was the possibility to weld the steel attachments to the sintered consoles. Otherwise the bolts would have a huge influence on effectivity of the aerodynamic devices.
A big thanks to the Fraunhofer IFAM Dresden for supporting us in this season.

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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.