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ESO training from BSD

Continuing this year, we were supported by the BSD with the training in live working for our new ESO´s. The training consists of two parts, a theory part at the location of the BSD in Großröhrsdorf und a practical part in the HV-area of our manufacturing hall in Dresden-Nickern.

This training is very important when you are working on a system, especially batteries, with a voltage exceeding 120V. Because you cannot turn a battery ‘off’, you have to work on live contacts when working on our vehicle accumulator. This requires a special training and extra attention.

To take part in a formula student electric event, every team needs to have a so called ESO. An ESO is an ‘Electrical System Officer’, who needs the special training mentioned above and has a very good knowledge of the high voltage system in the racecar. He must look out for possible electrical hazards and has to declare the car ‘safe’ before anyone may work on it.

The BSD has more than 20 years of experience in training and technology for live working. We are very glad to have such a competent partner by our side and we look forward to further collaboration. The Elbflorace Team wants to thank the BSD, especially Dr.-Ing. Jordan.

Homepage BSD: http://www.bsd-dresden.de/en/

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