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Gas pressure springs from ACE

ACE was founded in Detroid in 1963 and is nowadays one of the leading companies for industrial damping technologies. Actually used for industrial application the dampers are also usefull for racing. For our Forula Student competition, aswell as for big racing series, gas pressure springs are used to reset the pedals of the pedal box. This seasons we made the decision to take use of them aswell and we are proud to have an experienced sponsor like ACE on our side.

Two spings from the GS-15 series are used to reset the accelerator. By doing this we could develop a significatly smaller concept which reduces weight. Another gas spring is placed behind the brake pedal and is part of our new recuperation concept. Besides this every spring can be filled individually. This is great so we are allowed to set the parameters to fit our needs perfectly. The therefore needed tool is also sponsored by ACE.

Many thanks for your support and your consultation. We hope for an existing collaboration!

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