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Angles and Lengths with Novotechnik

We are very happy to welcome a new partner for sensors this season, the Novotechnik Messwertaufnehmer OHG. This company in Ostfildern produces high professional sensors for measuring angles and lengths which are also used in the automotive sector.

We use the contactless angle sensor RFD4000 in our gas pedal and the steering system. Because of the contact-free solution we have more freedom in the design of our parts and less chance of mechanical failure.

Also we measure the travel of the springs at our race car with linear potentiometers of small dimension like the TX2. That will help us to improve the spring-damper-system and the suspension during testing phase.

We want to thank Novotechnik very much for the uncomplicated support and hope to have successful events with these great sensors.

Homepage Novotechnik: www.novotechnik.de

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