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DC/DC-converter for our board power

An electric racecar cannot drive without the control electronics! But those need fewer volts than supplied by our 600V accumulator. To supply our control electronics with the voltage they need, we use a DC/DC-converter from PULS GmbH, to convert the 600V from our accumulator to 24V for our low voltage components.

This year, PULS GmbH once again provided us with a DC/DC converter, which is the core of our low voltage system. The corporation, being in Munich, has a history of over 30 years. Even more, in power electronics PULS is considered as a technological leader, supporting customers with switch-mode power supplies all over the world. We are happy to also be aided. That is why our thanks go to PULS and especially Mr. Nehrkorn for their great cooperation and fast delivery.

Homepage PULS GmbH: http://www.pulspower.com/home/

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