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The car is named through the design, as the characteristic shape stretches over the whole vehicle like a bow (lat: Arcus).


The supporting structure is a pipe grid frame made out of indurate steel 25CrMo4. This is the best compromise of rigidity, stability and price. The yield point is ca. 700 MPa, so the determined characteristic value for the construction of the car was given.


The chassis suspension is a double-wishbone-construction. This variation provides the best adjustment possibilities of camber and track. Our aim was that the roll axis run close to the ground, so that forces caused by the street have no considerable effect on the roll angle and driving stability.
The brake system is divided into two parts. There is a brake circuit per axle with a brake cylinder behind the pedal. The braking balance is adjustable out of the cockpit by a brake balance adjuster-system.
The steering was realized by a rack and pinion steering. To keep the center of gravity as low as possible the steering gear was build near to the lower wishbone.


The heart of our powertrain is a for motorsport developed high performance limited slip differential. This one connects the engine and the rear axle by a chain drive.
Around this key element of the powertrain the connection between the engine and the wheels was completed. That is how the engine power is carried over the chain drive to the differential. A high transmission is required to adjust the long synchronized gearbox of the Honda CBR600 engine and to make an agile driving possible.


Our first electronic equipment is designed for safety and reliability as the rest of our car. We aimed to build elaborate electronic and ensure the switching tasks with responsibly priced and robust relays. A 30A fuse protects all electronic devices from destruction. At the right of the main emergency stop switch diagonaly behind the driver is a second emergency stop switch in the cockpit. And also there is a “brake-over-travel” switch, which cuts the ignition and the fuel pump from the power supply network if the braking system fails.


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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.