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Arundo RS

The name Arundo derives from the Latin and means “arrow”. The audience decided to take this name at the Rollout in 2009. Arrow fits perfect to our racing car in 2008/2009, because Arcus, the name of our last year car, means “bow”.

The basic structure of Arundo is similar to Arcus, nevertheless several improvements were done. We build a monocoque construction for the first time in 2008/2009 and we decided to take a single piece chassis structure. Furthermore, the seat, steering wheel, upright, and the air box were built out of carbon fiber in 2008/09.

Key Facts

Chassis: single piece carbon fiber monocoque
aerodynamik package with underbody, sidepods, diffusor
seat and pedals made out of CFRP
CFRP steering wheel with ergonomical hand grip elements and shift paddles
Suspension: ZF RD36-2 damper, steel double wishbone
Brakes: front 240mm AP Racing 4 piston, back 220mm Wilwood 2 piston
Tires: Continental Slicks 205/510 R13
Powertrain: 4 cylinder Honda CBR 600 PC37
CFRP air box with CFRP restrictor
modified 4-2-1 exhaust system
520er chain, drive shaft with tripod joint, Drexler differential
Electronics: Trijekt electronic control unit, ME F1 shifter
CAN-Bus with radio transmission, Data Logger , GPS aerial
LED braking light in the design of the Dresden Universityof Technology

Elbflorace e.V.

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The “Elbflorace Formula Student Team TU Dresden e.V.” is based in Dresden and is registered under the number 4722 at the district court of Dresden.