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Cooling Plate from Eßbach

An electric racing car is not possible without power electronics. In a powerful race car there is also a lot of heat in those power electronics. To keep everything cool in the back of the car, we need a cooling plate for our power electronics.

We have designed these ourselves in this season and are glad to have the professionals of the company “EFE Entwicklung und Fertigung Eßbach GmbH &
Co. KG” ( http://www.efe-essbach.de ) for the manufacturing of the cooling plate. They have also provided us in previous projects with their good ideas and the necessary manufacturing know-how. During this season, two students may also participate in an internship where parts of the cooling plate are produced in cooperation.


For the cooperation, we would like to thank the company EFE Entwicklung und Fertigung Eßbach GmbH & Co. KG for the cooperation, especially Mrs. Ramona Eßbach, Mr. Volker Eßbach and Mr. Matti Kaltofen!


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