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Floater from -MCET-

MCET bike- and racingaccessoir shop is providing us with floaters and offers a discount on their entire collection.
Floaters are considered to be the physical connection between the wheel hub and brake disc. These parts are relevant to the vehicle’s safety. On one hand they are faced to the entire brake-moment and on the other hand they need to withstand the difference in temperature between the hot brake disc and cold wheel hub. To ensure them not to get lost while racing, they will be fixed by circlips, which are included in the delivery.
In the beginning of this year we were communicating with Mr. Thomas Thiele about a possible discount. He was positive about that and instantly sent the parts to us.
Thanks a lot to MCET for that discount.

Homepage: http://www.mcet.de/

Willy Roßmeier
-Brake System-

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