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Surface finishing by Heidenauer Galvanik

Once again Heidenauer Galvanik supports us with a surface finishing on selected parts for our new race car!

The surface treatment anodizing produces a corrosion-resistant layer on our parts. This is essential for a great number of our parts and also helps us to realise better bonding properties between the aluminium parts and the CFRP pipes of our wishbones. Additionally, the layer can be coloured to meet aesthetic claims – or like in our case: to simply prevent mixing up the parts of the left and right side of our car.

Besides the anodizing process Heidenauer Galvanik offers other surface finishing techniques. Those are chromatizing, phosphating, galvanizing, nickel plating, copper plating and others. For quality assurance, the company has XRF-spectrometers on hand.

With over 30 years of experience in the field of galvanic surface finishing, Heidenauer Galvanik always offers qualified, expert consultation to their customers.



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